Mortal Matters

Emma W

Directed, Produced, & Written by Emma Watters


A woman’s quiet suburban life is disrupted by a visit from a goddess trying to learn why mortals live in houses.


A goddess, Azema, interrupts the morning rituals of a young woman, Thera, living in suburbia. Apparently familiar with the Thera, Azema demands explanation for the ways of mortals. What’s the point of houses? How often do people sleep, eat, etc? Azema and Thera’s interactions grow more terse, as Thera tries to convince the goddess to leave without angering her. It becomes apparent that Thera was once a goddess as well, and has chosen to become mortal. Azema attempts to convince Thera to return to godhood but she refuses. They part unhappy and misunderstood by each other.



19 to 32 years old, female, all ethnicities. She is a calm and comforting presence to others, but is herself faintly world weary and excited by the prospect of something new. She is a doer. She is comfortable being alone, provided that she has something fill her time with. Thera revels in the simple joys of a mortal life, and is faintly ashamed to have once been immortal.



22 to 35 years old, all ethnicities, female. Azema is a goddess, with all the privilege that entails. She enjoys the wonders of the universe, but lacks understanding of small details. She has always enjoyed others looking up to her, and the status godhood brings. She is rash, often oblivious to the thoughts and feelings of those around her, but cares deeply for those who are close to her. Though she would not admit to it, Azema is deeply uncomfortable being alone.



Emma Watters


Sides are available upon request.


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