Dream Catcher

Hannah W

Directed, Produced, & Written by Hannah Wolter


A guy decides to smoke a very expensive and strange strain of weed from the amazon that his roommate buys from his coworker.  Once he smokes it, his imaginary friend comes to life.


Two roommates, Luke and Danny run out of weed one night and decide to smoke the strange strain of weed that Danny bought from his coworker at the zoo.  Once Luke smokes the weed,  Danny disappears and his imaginary friend Pablo comes to life.  Pablo and Luke have a very strange but fun time together, but once Luke and Pablo fall asleep on the couch, Luke wakes up to a very interesting surprise.


Luke: A young man who lives a very relaxed lifestyle; he’s carefree, and is a very big stoner; he is a nice guy who is always looking for a good time; he’s easily persuaded to do stupid things, but that’s the best part about him; he hates fancy clothes, he prefers sweatpants, a baggy t-shirt, and flip flops (his version of fancy is a collared shirt and jeans); he’s best friends with his roommate, Danny, and he pretty much does everything with Danny.


Danny: The best friend/roommate who is always looking for a good time; he loves to smoke weed, drink, you name it- as long as he’s somewhat intoxicated, he’s happy. He is a little bit of a bad influence, and can easily persuade people to do what he tells them to do. Danny has always been the cool kid, and gets along with everybody.  He’s funny, and always has a good insult ready.


Pablo: The imaginary friend who comes to life after the leading character, Luke, smokes a powerful strain of weed/mushroom type of drug.  Pablo is a very relaxed, fun-loving guy, who just wants to enjoy his time with his buddy Luke- He hasn’t been able to talk to his good buddy, Luke, since Luke went through puberty several years ago. Now that Luke can see Pablo again, Pablo is super excited and ready to have a great time and the trip of a lifetime.


Hannah Wolter

Email: hwolter@tulane.edu

Sides are available upon request.



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