Day Trip


Directed, Produced, & Written by Caroline Tweedie


Derek Kay, a stoner with a shallow self-concept and a break-up looming on the near horizon, attempts to alleviate her personal ills by spending a cathartic day tripping on shrooms in her own bathroom.


Derek Kay, on a bike ride home with her girlfriend, Clara, ends a tense encounter with a simple plea for civility. She begs “Please don’t break up with me while we’re high,” to which Clara offers the terse reply “We’re always high,” and bikes away. In an attempt to reckon with her identity separately from the relationship and center herself, Derek fidgets through a guided meditation until she is eventually interrupted by her roommate, Catch, who sings aloud in the kitchen despite Derek’s need for quiet reflection. Catch poses the possibility of hard psychedelics as a means to “get out of this Clara funk,” and while Derek resists at first, she decides to join Catch on the trip once Catch invokes a “Daring Derek” move from the past. The pair trip in their bathroom together until the appearance of Boyfriend, Catch’s bisexual lover, creates a scission between Catch’s and Derek’s agendas for the day. Derek spends a significant portion of the rest of the trip alone, talking to herself in Shakespearean-esque monologue until, in a rare, decisive moment, she decides to cut her bangs, just as Clara shows up at the house unannounced.



[DEREK KAY]  18 to 25 years old, all ethnicities female/NB, queer/LGBT+. Derek Kay is a god-fearing lesbian atheist stoner in a shaky relationship, a relationship that has gone on so long that she has defined/invested much of her identity in it. She is always busy with her hands—anxiously checking her phone, counting things, holding onto objects—and projects confidence through sardonic humor. Though she projects confidence in her constantly kidding-around, Derek doesn’t know much about the minutiae of herself other than in relation to the people around her. She hates being alone, and she has never done ‘shrooms prior to the day on which the film takes place.

[CATCH]  18 to 25 years old, female/NB, queer/LGBT+. Catch is Derek’s roommate and best friend, a visual artist who thrives on obscurity and relishes imparting fast facts about mid-century cultural icons on Derek at inopportune times. She is loud, outgoing, and impulsive. Her boyfriend, Boyfriend, shows up at the house in the middle of the titular trip.



[CLARA] 18 to 25 years old, all ethnicities female/NB, queer/LGBT+. Clara is at the helm of her relationship with Derek. She likes to feel in control of a situation and is decisive in a way that Derek never could be. Clara attempts to break up with Derek in the first scene, but the efficacy of her attempt is never revealed.



Caroline Tweedie


Sides are available upon request.





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