IMG_1392Directed, Produced, & Written by Bronwyn Olstein


While on a business trip for her corporate job, a young woman’s ambition becomes trivial when a cocktail party at her boss’s apartment takes a chilling turn.


A group of Krowolf Inc. employees on a business trip are invited to a cocktail party at their boss’s house. Everyone is excited about the potential of the party to lead to a raise, except a young woman named Andrea, who has a slightly different objective. Having only worked at Krowolf for a few months, this is Andrea’s first time truly interacting with her boss, and she’s scheming to create a rather intimate connection with him. At the party, Andrea and her co-workers turn from eager to anxious when they slowly realize that their boss won’t let them leave. The situation begins to feel dangerous as the boss’s aggression grows. After many attempted tactics, the employee’s finally find a way out.



Andrea (female, 24-27): Overly dramatic and fairly confident. Economically ambitious in all the wrong ways. She would rather pursue a rich guy than have to work another day in her life. She’s pretty self-absorbed, but means well. She’s quick to react irrationally in stressful situations, and those she’s close with find her incredibly annoying, but still have her back.

Tracey (female, 28-32): Direct, honest and very level headed, Tracey knows exactly what she needs to do to get what she wants. Hardworking and self-sufficient, she believes herself to be very deserving of a raise, and if she doesn’t get it after enduring this ridiculous party at her boss’s apartment, she’s going to quit. Although, she can’t help from being excited about the potential possibility. She considers herself to be somewhat of Andrea’s friend, and shows her compassion for her through her blunt critiques about Andrea’s behavior.

Jenson (male, 42-48): As the boss of Krowolf’s sales department, Jenson feels as though his position of power has prevented him from being able to create more friendships in his work life. He’s a little too adamant about trying to create a bond with his employees, becoming power-hungry by utilizing his superior position as a mechanism of control. He comes across as well-mannered, but there’s also a hint of crazy in his guise.


Owen (male, 30-40): A Krowolf employee. He’s eager to receive a raise, and is on his best behavior to leave a good impression with Jenson.

Alex (male, 30-40): A Krowolf employee. Very friendly, fairly chatty. Upbeat, and is excited about the financial opportunity that could come from the party.

Maria (female, 35-40): Jenson’s girlfriend. She’s friendly and rather oblivious to Jenson’s odd behavior. She supports his decisions.

Secretary (female, 30-50): One short line at the end remarking on the boss’s late arrival.


Craft services and catering provided. A copy of the film, film acting credits and potential recognition in film festival submissions.


Bronwyn Olstein


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