The Waiter

Directed, Produced, & Written by Sam Vallone

Sam V


A man comes home to find an other-worldly waiter in his house and soon finds himself fighting for his life.


Marc is a down-on-his-luck man in his 20s who is hopelessly in love with his next-door neighbor Jennifer. Marc returns home from work one day to find a supernatural waiter in his home. After struggling with this new figure, Marc eventually learns to take agency in his life and live the way he truly wants.




20s, male. From New Orleans who works in a dead-end office job. He grew up with loving but overbearing parents who he rarely speaks to and a now-estranged brother named James. Marc finished college and had grand dreams for his life which have not panned out. He is mild-mannered but kind and wishes he’d done more with his life. He is single and spends most of his time alone or with a few friends, he feels trapped in his life. When he is alone, he feels very sad and disappointed. Currently he is concerned with the supernatural waiter in his home and is trying to survive the encounter. His wants to live a fuller life and the situation he is in helps him to rethink the path he has been on.



Male, any age. Antagonist of the film.  The Waiter is a supernatural being who is forced to serve others until he is able to convince someone to trade places with him. In the film, he has chosen Marc for this purpose. The Waiter is very intelligent and attempts to manipulate Marc throughout. He has a cool and calm demeanor and appears outwardly charming, but hints at his devious intentions throughout. He is determined to coerce Marc into trading places with him so that he can return to the world and live a normal life once again



Age 22-40 , Featured Extra. A police officer who answers a 911 call at Marc’s house. He is transfixed by the Waiter and led to believe that nothing is wrong. He gives off an air of being somewhat hypnotized while also being authoritative with Marc, who he believes is making the whole thing up.


Sam Vallone


Sides are available upon request.



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