3024x4032.jpeg.82347aa265f14ed19f6bc3d38e44e0d1Directed, Produced, & Written by Zack Slaff


A young man comes into contact with a set of pills that allows him to see both sides of the political spectrum, hoping that it will not only help him vote, but also help him in his personal life.


It’s election season once again in Louisiana, and the seat for governor is a tight race between the current Governor and Democrat Stacey Wiley, and Republican representative Tony Cousins. While neither of the two candidates are particularly popular outside of their core supporters, they also do not fall completely into partisan traps, at least not to a dangerous extent. This is becoming somewhat troublesome for Arthur Blatt, who despite being old enough to vote two years ago, refrained from doing so because the choice was so difficult. That’s just the kind of person Arthur is, and it seems as if he’s having similar feelings this time around. His friends have been trying to convince him who to vote for, but it has been to no avail. He’s so indecisive, that even finding a restaurant to take his girlfriend to is a struggle. So not only is his political life affected, but his personal life as well.

When Arthur goes to his therapist to find advice, he is instead given a set of pills called Hemitosis. While certainly sketchy, Arthur is desperate for answers, so he decides to take them. What results is a sequence of trips that allows Arthur to gain both political perspective of the world. The red world is seen as a parody of 1950’s informational videos and sitcoms, while the blue world is represented by a musical sequence. This experience will aid Arthur as he looks for a political direction in life, and as he tries to fix his relationship.



Arthur Blatt (male, 20): A shy but introspective college junior whose lack of decision making ability is affecting his personal life. Arthur is struggling both to vote in an upcoming election and to find a restaurant for his anniversary. He can be described as manic and self aware, but lacking in motivation to solve his problems.

Ava Greene (female, 20): Ava is Arthur’s girlfriend, and they’ve been dating for almost five months now. She really does love Arthur, but it doesn’t take long for her to get tired of his bullshit. Once she’s hit a wall, she’s not afraid to speak her mind, which is why she’s making Arthur choose a date spot for their five month celebration.


Stacey Wiley (60): Stacey Wiley is the current (fictional) Governor of Louisiana, and she’s running for re-election. She’s a Democrat, and a proponent of most if not all progressive ideologies. She is well liked by most of the community, but her struggles with passing policies makes her seem soft to some people. She gives off the vibe of a nice grandma, but there’s definitely something weird about her.

Tony Cousins (male, 45): Tony Cousins is Wiley’s direct competition for Governor, and was the Repubican mayor of New Orleans for four years. He’s certainly more of a “fiscal Republican” and has been more quiet on his social views, but some people are afraid of what could happen if he’s elected Governor. Nonetheless, he’s actually decently popular, and gives off somewhat “45 year old suit” vibes.

Casey Brown (female, 37): Dr. Brown graduated from University of California Santa Cruz Medical School with a PhD in Psychology. She’s been a Psychiatrist for over ten years now, and has enjoyed every second of it. While many psychiatrists are rigid and out of touch with the medical needs of young people, Dr. Casey wants to be hip and youthful. She has posters in her office portraying thoughts of ‘Zen’, and ‘positive thinking’. Nonetheless, Casey is a good doctor, although some would call her a bit too ‘liberal’ with her prescriptions, for lack of a better word.

Two children (any gender, 10-12): Appear in a short scene running a lemonade stand.


On-set catering and craft services, film acting credits, copy of film, potential for recognition via film festival submission, on-set experience


Zack Slaff

Email: zslaff@tulane.edu

Cell Phone: 201-230-6293

Sides are available upon request.

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