To Be Discovered

Directed, Produced, & Written by Sam Reiner

Sam R


When a famed explorer learns about a possible lead, he goes to make a business deal that goes horribly wrong.


It starts with Lincoln and Sam Churchill being dropped off at a building by Reilly Fawcett. They take a briefcase and head inside to meet up with a man who may have a lead on their next big find. After some conversation the deal is made, what’s in the case for 500,000,000 dollars. As Lincoln and Sam are leaving, the man finds out that the money they gave him was fake. A fight breaks out and Lincoln and Sam manage to escape with Reilly and the case. They go far enough away and look inside the case to find documents that may lead them to the Lost City of Z and a clue on where to go next.




21 to 25 years old, all ethnicities male, 5’8″ to 6’0″ tall, average build. He can be very cocky but he usually only is when he has to put on a brave face. A lot like Spider-Man, he is very quick to make a joke in a tense situation and always gives off the appearance that he isn’t taking anything seriously. The main problem that Link wants to solve is how to get the documents inside the briefcase from the people Reilly told him about and he will do anything to accomplish this.




21 to 27 years old, all ethnicities male. Sam can best be described as a doer rather than a dreamer. He is best when he is given a clear objective to complete and isn’t the brightest person in a room. However, he is definitely always one of the biggest as he is known for his size and imposing figure. He loves his brother but has little to no trust in Reilly and thinks that she is going to betray them.


21 to 28 years old, Caucasian, East Asian, Eastern European female. Reilly Fawcett is the odd one out in the group as she isn’t related to Link or Sam. She is extremely single minded and stubborn to the point where she never stops doing something once she decides to do it. The main problem she needs to solve is to figure out how to get Link and Sam to trust her as she doesn’t know them that well yet. In the end she proves her trustworthiness.


25 to 35 years old, Hispanic, Mixed Ethnicity male. A complete mystery and the one that Link and Sam are making the deal with. His mannerisms and whole vibe are odd, as if he hasn’t talked to another person in a long time.



Sam Reiner


Sides are available upon request.



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