Emily B

Directed, Produced, & Written by Emily Binder


Jane, a typical college student, as seen by everyone else is killing her senior year, but to her, she is only surviving.


Jane is your typical college student. She’s in a sorority, has a great group of friends, and gets attention from the boys. Her life is quite simple, at least that’s what everyone else thinks. But on the inside, Jane is fighting the monsters created by her anxiety disorder. She struggles to determine the right coping mechanisms and often relies on alcohol to mask the feeling. Based on elements of a true story, this film depicts the horrors of anxiety disorders in order to educate those who may not understand much about it. 



Jane (female, 18-24): A senior in college, trying to make the most of her last year. While she appears happy and confident to those around her, she struggles with an anxiety disorder that prevents her from living a normal life. Her anxiety consumes her body: she constantly has pits in her stomach and her heart races as if she’s running a marathon. She is constantly trying to figure out the best ways to cope; while she is surrounded by college kids drinking and taking drugs, she knows that isn’t the route she should take. She’s frustrated but remains hopeful. 

Nikki (female, 18-24): Also a senior in college, Nikki is Jane’s best friend. Studying to become a doctor, she is smart, hard-working, and determined, but is also a huge party animal and very outspoken. She too wants to make the most of her senior year, but only if Jane is by her side. She’s aware of Jane’s anxiety disorder but has trouble relating to her and can only do so much to comfort her. She often feels helpless but knows that if Jane runs away from her anxiety she’ll regret it, so she does her best to push her out of her comfort zone. 
**For a more in depth description of lead roles, please email ebinder@tulane.edu.
Supporting Roles:
Lucas (male, 18-24): Lucas is your typical frat boy: a senior in college that loves to party and gets a lot of girls. He has been close friends with Jane since their freshman year, but the two have always had an undeniable connection that has never been explored. He is a smart boy, but in college, he discovers drugs and struggles to identify his substance abuse as a problem. He blacks out almost every time he goes out and because he does not remember anything, he doesn’t realize the dangers of what he is doing.
Ross (male, 18-24): Like his best friends Tyler and Lucas, Ross is your typical frat boy. Similar to Lucas, Ross often explores the world of Xanax when he goes out and tends to black out a lot. He has had several instances where he’s ended up in dangerous situations, so he has cut back a bit. Ross is the funniest of the trio, but tends to be friend-zoned by girls for his somewhat flamboyant personality. This doesn’t seem to bother him though, as he is more focused on spending his college experience having a good time with his friends.
Tyler (male, 18-24): Similar to Ross and Lucas, Tyler is your typical frat boy. After joining a fraternity and discovering drugs alongside his best friends Lucas and Ross, Tyler is the most cautious of the trio. His older brother abused drugs in college, failed out, and is still struggling to get his life back together, so Tyler is cautiously trying to avoid following in his footsteps. Because he does not black out as much as his friends do, he has been able to maintain stronger relationships with those around him. He had a girlfriend from high school that he continued dating long-distance for three years in college, but broke it off when he found out she cheated with someone from her school. Since then, he has developed feelings for one of his closest friends, Nikki.



Craft services and catering provided. A copy of the film, film acting credits, and potential recognition in film festival submissions.


Sides are available upon request.


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