Observations of Failing Infatuation


Directed, Produced, & Written by Grace Macauley


A mysterious, all knowing being who calls himself The Narrator creates a documentary about a couple doomed to breakup; problems arise when the couple discovers his plan and rebel against him.


A narrator with inhuman abilities follows the disintegrating relationship of Natalie and Riley – a couple beginning to ware on each other’s’ nerves – in his exploitative documentary. As he documents their squabbles, the narrator flies too close to the sun and makes the couple aware of his presence and plans. Rejecting him, the couple tries to mend their relationship. This makes the Narrator panic, causing him to sabotage their relationship to get the ending he believes that he deserves.



Narrator (male, 50+): an unempathetic, narcissistic narrator with a taste for theatrics. He is an enigmatic figure that views himself as the storyteller guiding you through Natalie and Riley’s tumultuous relationship.

Riley (male, mid 20s to early 30s): a young professional in a turbulent relationship with Natalie. He is painfully average, and he knows it. He is a bit insecure, disconnected, but well intentioned. He is never quite sure of the right thing to say, but tends to say it anyways.

Natalie (female, mid 20s to early 30s): a young professional in a turbulent relationship with Riley. She is well educated, self-motivated, but also a bit insecure – more insecure than her partner. She knows what she wants, but struggles to communicate that with others.


Ariel (female, mid 20 to early 30s): in a relationship with Gina

Gina (female, mid 20 to early 30s): in a relationship with Ariel


Credit in film screenings and film festival submissions, a digital copy of your performance, on set catering and craft services, and clips for a reel.


Grace Macauley

Email: gracemacauleycine@gmail.com

Sides are available upon request.

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