Best Friends


Directed, Produced, & Written by Hannah Bond


When someone new threatens Kaia and Scarlett’s friendship, high school senior Kaia Davis starts questioning whether she’s the subject of Scar’s friendship or obsession.


Kaia Davis, like any other high school senior, has been through some tough times: her parents’ divorce, a broken heart, and rotten friendships. But her best friend Scarlett Web has stuck through it all. They spend every free moment together. When the new girl Callie, befriends Kaia, Kaia begins to realize that her friendship with Scarlett isn’t as perfect as it seems. Upon a shocking realization, Kaia must decide what friendship and freewill are worth.



Kaia Davis (female, 16-20): Sweet and insecure, Kaia is just trying to fly under the radar and graduate high school. Things were pretty lonely in elementary and middle school until she met her best friend Scarlett in the 7th grade. Every day since then has mostly consisted of homework, practicing violin, and Scarlett. Kaia is quirky, loyal, and slow to open up to anyone other than Scarlett. But recently Kaia’s starting to realize that the new girl, Callie, might be someone she can let in. (Violin experience is a plus but not required.)

Scarlett Webb (female, 16-20): Confident, cunning, and meticulous, Scarlett has the potential to be the most popular girl in school, but she only really concerns herself with her best friend, Kaia. Having dealt with her parents’ messy divorce, Scarlett is fiercely loyal and protective of Kaia to the point where it has become unhealthy. To everyone else, Kaia included, Scarlett seems perfectly normal and it isn’t until Callie shows up that Scarlett’s mask starts to crack.

Callie Phillips (female, 16-20): A spontaneous force of nature, Callie is the confident new girl at Washington Academy. Bright and unapologetic, it’s no surprise she’s caught Kaia’s attention in orchestra, where she plays the triangle. Callie used to attend the same middle school as Scarlett, and when they meet, again, she realizes she may need to help Kaia break out of more than just her shell.


Britni (female, 16-20): average high school mean girl

Jesse (male, 16-20): Kaia’s ex-boyfriend from junior year in high school. This is a modeling role. We will likely have one photo shoot to create pictures of Kaia with her ex-boyfriend. Feel free to come in person for photos or email in at least 4 photos.


On-set catering (lunch) and craft services, screening of the film at the Prytania Theatre, film acting credit, film poster, DVD of performance, potential viewership through film festival submissions


Hannah Bond


Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have! 🙂

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