If Lost, Return To…


Directed, Produced, & Written by Tori Novie


Tired of her label as a 21-year-old virgin, Bri enlists her friends to help her find the right guy to finally lose her v-card.


This comedy follows Bri, a 21-year-old virgin, who is tired of the sexual stigma related to being a virgin. Constantly hearing the details of her friends’ exciting sex lives, Bri decides to finally lose her virginity. She enlists the help of Charlie and Len to navigate her dating life all while Charlie and Len try to rid themselves of their own sexual stereotypes as well.



Bri (female, 20-30, any ethnicity): A 21-year-old virgin determine to lose her virginity. Bri has chosen to stay a virgin her entire life for reasons she cannot really explain. She never wanted to be known as a slut, but she also is tired of not having interesting sex lives like her friends. She’s witty and outspoken and is determined to find the right guy and lose her virginity.

Charlie (female, 20-30, any ethnicity): Charlie has always been stereotyped as “the slut.” Charlie has a new guy every night, and she’s perfectly fine with that. She blunt and sarcastic and does not always think before she speaks. Charlie is a loyal friend who is determined to get herself and her best friend laid.

Len (female, 20-30, any ethnicity): Len is “classy in the streets, but a freak in the sheets.” Len’s a stereotypical “good girl” who does not want to be known as Miss Goodie Two Shoes anymore. Len wants to spice up her sex life with her boyfriend despite her friends’ opinions. She’s a super loyal friend and will do anything for Charlie and Bri.


Jack (male, 20-30, any ethnicity): Jack can charm his way into any girl’s life. He’s handsome, but he also has charisma that attracts any girl. Jack is Bri’s main love interest.

Henry (male, 20-30, any ethnicity): Henry is a creep who tries to hit on Bri at a bar. He’s a typical jerk and is only there to get laid.

Mom (female, late 30s-50, any ethnicity): Mom is super blunt and has a super awkward talk with a young Bri.

Young Bri (female, 9-14, any ethnicity): The younger version of Bri who has her mom explain the sex to her in a confusing and blunt manner. Must be okay with more adult content (having sex explained to them).

Grant (male, teens, any ethnicity): Grant is one of Bri’s friends from high school that guilts her for wanting to be promiscuous.

Brock (male, 20-30s, any ethnicity): A preppy boy who Bri awkwardly tries to flirt with.

Henry’s Friend (male, 20-30s, any ethnicity): Henry’s jerk friend who degrades Charlie.

Woman (female, 20 or older, any ethnicity, V.O.): Woman on the phone with Bri. THIS IS VOICEOVER ONLY. YOUR FACE WILL NOT BE FEATURED.


On-set catering and craft services, film acting credits, film poster, copy of film on DVD, potential for recognition via film festival submission, on-set experience


Tori Novie

Email: iflostreturnto@gmail.com

Sides are available upon request.

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