A Forgotten Curio Shop

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Directed, Written, & Produced by Dasha Didier


When a lost young woman finds herself in a forgotten New Orleans antique shop, she becomes enthralled in the magical gifts of her newfound treasures only to discover their darker and deadlier price.


Julia leads a boring and inconsequential life but wishes it could be different. One day, Julia gets turned around on her way home and ends up exploring a mysterious curio shop. She meets the shopkeeper who tells her the wicked stories of the objects in the store. Julia buys a pair of earrings that belonged to a famous New Orleans socialite and immediately starts to feel the charm and confidence of its previous owner. These attributes improve her lackluster life so much that she returns to the shop, buying more and more objects. The previous owners start living in her head to the point that they start taking over, and Julia starts to disappear. Julia throws amazing parties and has an amazing sex life but is soon exhausted by all the activity. In a moment of clarity, Julia realizes that she has been possessed by the serial killers who owned her beloved objects. She has been committing their crimes: stealing men’s wallets, beating women to death, and cooking their remains. She runs back to the curio shop only to be told that, in order to be free, she must take the place of the shopkeeper. There she remains, having sold her soul to the devil.



Julia Byrd (female, late 20s): Julia is a creative but quiet person who wants to be more outgoing and charismatic but doesn’t know how. She is more inclined to watch a movie alone in bed than party on a Friday night.

Daphne Durand (female, late 20s): Daphne was a famous New Orleans socialite in the early 1800s whose charm and wit could seduce any man. However, she doesn’t believe men deserve all that they have, leading her to steal their wallets and poison their wives.

Shopkeeper (female, 50s): The Shopkeeper is a beautiful vampiric looking woman with a captivatingly ancient sounding accent. She sold her soul to the shop many years ago and now speaks for the former owners of its curiosities.


Henriette LeBlanc (female, mid 30s): Henriette was one of the finest cooks in New Orleans in the late 1800s. After a lifetime of hardship, something snapped, and Henriette started taking out her frustrations by murdering their sources and disposing of them in her famous gumbo.

Griffin Daniels (male, mid 20s): Griffin is a nice, happy-go-lucky, southern boy from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He likes his job but loves to go out on the weekends.

Freddy Johnson (male, late 30s) Freddy was a famous saxophone player and serial killer from the 1920s. He is big and strong from working in shipyards. He despises women and doesn’t like to hear the word ‘no.’


On-set catering and craft services, film acting credits, potential for recognition via film festival submission, on-set experience


Dasha Didier – Writer/Producer/Director

Email: forgottencurioshop@gmail.com









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